Jaipur. Rajasthan High Court has ordered the state government to remove encroachment and stop illegal construction at Ramgarh dam. Court has also directed the government not to give dam’s land for lease or any type of construction.

Court aired it’s anger on the government for not doing anything to save dam. To know the area of dam’s water level, a monitoring committee has been formed.
High Court in it’s order, asked the state government how it will bring the dam in it’s old glory of 15th August, 1947. Next hearing will be on 8th September.
Justice  Maneesh Bhandari, after taking cognizance of the reports related to dam published in Rajasthan Patrika, passed this order on Tuesday.
Such natural water sources be saved
Taking self cognizance on the matter, court on 12th August  had asked the government os submit a report the matter. Court, in it’s order said that in the year 2004, it had passed a  order in Abdul Rehman matter, asking all such type of dams to be brought in same way, the way they were at the time of 15th August, 1947. But, still nothing has been done in seven years. Court said, not only Ramgarg, such type of natural water harvesting sources be preserved.
What is govt. doing?
Court said people are not getting drinking water from the dam for a very long time. Government didn’t take any serious steps on this matter. However, government had a meeting on the matter regarding the order passed in 2004.