Monday, August 29, 2011

News Article: Rajasthan: Villagers attempt to claim their common /grazing lands

Memorandum to evict encroachers from grazing lands
Dainik Bhaskar

The Regional Common Land Protection Committee and the Rural Awareness Society, Bhilwara have demanded to start a campaign to free the grazing lands of the encroachments through a memorandum presented to the Tehsildar. Submitting the memorandum to the Tehsildar, a group of social activists represented by Bhanvar Meghvanshi, said that some people have encroached upon grazing lands in many villages including Kartha and Bagjana. In these regions the grazing lands have not even been demarcated so far. This has only encouraged the encroachers to seize upon land worth crores of rupees, he said. The memorandum draws on the Supreme Court order which seeks to evict encroachers from all grazing lands by the 30th of June. Despite Chief Minister himself giving an assurance in this regard, the administration has remained indifferent to this issue in the region. 


Heavy turnout for Land demarcation
Rajasthan Patrika

Demanding an early settlement to the dispute over the land in the Kajodia village under the Shahpura Panchayat Samiti, the villagers of Kajoria village handed a memorandum to the Deputy Block officer under the leadership of Sarpanch Avinash Jeengar. According to the memorandum, while the Kajodia Panchayat is located in the Banseda Tehsil, Shahpura on the boundary of the Bhilwara and Ajmer districts, the Gram Devpura Gram Panchayat is situated in the Kekdi tehsil on the boundary of the Ajmer district. People from both the villages bring their livestock for grazing on this land.


Villagers ask Collector to remove encroachment from Grazing lands
Rajasthan Patrika
City Correspondent, Bhilwara

Kalulal Gurjar, former minister has asked the collector to book the encroachers in Dantda Chhota village of Kishangarh area of the Kotdi tehsil. In a memorandum presented to the collector, he demanded remove encroachment from grazing lands in the region. Gurjar also told that in addition to the grazing land, the encroachers have also appropriated uncategorized land in the vicinity, which has created adversities for the livestocks that depend on it for their fodder. He demanded that such land be freed from encroachment and reserved for government use so as to prevent repetitive encroachments. Ladulal Teli, Shankar Gurjar and many others were present on the occasion.

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