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Appeal No. 15306
Nathu Singh & Ors. v/s Gaon Sabha Kharkhari Nahar


Nathu Singh & Ors...Appellants
Gaon Sabha Kharkhari Nahar...Respondent


This shall dispose of the appeal dated 18/12/2006 filed by the appellants hereinabove u/s 185 of the DLR Act, 1954 against the order dated 15/11/2006 of the SDM/RA (Najafgarh) in Case No. 342/85 & 343/85 issued under section 85 & 86-A of the DLR Act, 1954. Vide the said order the SDM/RA has dismissed the suit of the appellants (herein above) in respect of suit land bearing Kh. No. 20/25 (2-08), 23/4/2/I (1-4), 23/7/2 (4-9) & 23/14/2 (4-2) total 12 Bighas 3 biswas situated in the Revenue estate of village Kharkhari Nahar and ejected them from the suit land. Aggrieved by the said order appellant has preferred an appeal before this court.

After hearing the appellant and perusing the material on record it is seen that the appellant hercinabove has been encroaching upon the suit land which is a Govt. land since long time. The only plea taken by the appellant is that he is in the possession on Govt. land for long time and therefore he should be declared Bhumidar u/s 85 of the DLR Act, 1954 on the basis of adverse possession. Further, it is argued that the proceedings u/s 86A of DLR Act, 1954 is barred by limitation. In this regard it is observed that the Hon'ble Supreme Court in the matter Hemaji Waghaji Jat v/s Bhikhabhai Khengarbhai Harijan & Others (AIR 2009 SC 103) has held that-

"the law of adverse possession which ousts an owner on the basis of inaction within limitation is irrational, illogical and wholly disproportionate. The law as it exists is extremely harsh for the true owner and a windfall for it dishonest person who had illegally taken possession of the property of the true owner. The law ought not to benefit a person who in a clandestine manner takes possession of the property of the owner in contravention of law. This in substance would mean that the law gives sea! of approval to the illegal action or activities of a rank trespasser or who had wrongfully taken possession of the property of the true owner." Further the Apex Court has gone on to emphasize as to "why the law should place premium dishonesty by legitimizing possession of a rank trespasser and compelling the owner to loose its pusstion only because of his inaction in taking back the possession within limitation."

In view of the above. I am of the considered opinion that the appeal of the appellant here inabove flacks merit. Further as per the order of the Hon. Supreme Court in Jagpal Singh & Ors Vs. State of Punjab and Ors. In Civil Appeal No. 1132/2011 and SLP (c) No. 3109/2011 the encroachers and illegal occupants on the Gram Sabha land needs to be evicted and the Gram Sabha land needs to be retrieved and restored to the Gram Sabha. Hence the order:


In view of the observations made in the judgement, the appeal dated 18/12/2006 filed by the appellants hereinabove u/s 185 of the DLR Act, 1954 against the order dated 15/11/2006 of the SDM/RA (Najafgarh) in Case No. 342/85 & 343/ 85 issued under section 85 & 86-A of the DLR Act, 1954 is hereby dismissed. The SDM/RA, Najafgarh and BDO, South West to take further necessary action in time bound planner for taking possession of the suit land.

Given under my hand and seal of this court on this 10 th day of October 2012.

Vikas Anand, IAS
Dy. Commissioner & Collector
Copy to:
  1. SDM, Najafgarh
  2. BDO, South West
  3. Both the parties

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Ghuman village common land : DC marks enquiry by SDM

Express news service

Posted: Feb 19, 2013 at 0054 hrs IST

Ludhiana: A day after Ludhiana Newsline carried a report on the controversy surrounding the construction of shops on common land at Ghuman village in Riakot, Deputy Commissioner Rahul Tewari on Monday marked an inquiry in the case and asked Jagraon SDM Gurmeet Singh to submit a report.

Due action will be taken after the SDM submits his report,” the DC said.

As already mentioned, the villagers have objected to the construction of five shops on the village common land along the Ludhiana-Bathinda state highway where, as per rules, constructions cannot come up. The villagers alleged Sarpanch Bhupinder Singh did not follow the rules.

However, the Sarpanch said he had asked those constructing shops on this land to pay the panchayat a rent of Rs 850 per month, and no other charges had been asked from them.

Though the Block Development Officer had received a complaint, nothing much was being done in this regard.
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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Guidelines for Implementation and Extending to other areas under Common Property Resources (CPR) – NREGA Project in AP


2nd Floor, Huda Hermitage Office Complex, Hill Fort Road, Saifabad, Hyderabad
Ph: 040-27650040,42 Fax:27650043, E-mail:

Sri Sashi Bhushan Kumar, I.A.S,
Director & CEO, SLNA
Rural Development Dept.,                       
A.P., Hyderabad.

All the Joint Collectors
22 Districts the state
(Except Hyderabad)

Rc.No : 26/CPR-NREGA/2011 dt  12-02-2013

Sub:  RD- SLNA – Common Property Resources (CPR) – NREGA Project in AP – Implementation and Extending to other areas – Issue of guidelines - Reg.

Ref:  1.Minutes of the meeting on scaling up of CPR – NREGA project on 14-12-12 at O/o CRD, Hyderabad.

2. Proceedings of the Conference of Joint Collectors at O/o CCLA on 05-02-2013
* * *
 Attention to the reference 2nd cited, where in the Principal Secretary, RD during the joint Collectors conference has explained the need for conservation & protection of Common Property Resources (CPRs) (known as commons) available in the state involving the community, NGOs and the note circulated in the Joint Collectors conference is herewith annexed for ready reference.

In this connection the Joint Collectors of 22 Districts(except Hyderabad) are requested to take the action on the following in coordination with PD, DRDA and PD, DWMA immediately.

1)    Identify common lands in every village and earmark them for protection and regeneration.

2)    Creation of Village wise, mandal wise , district wise database 

3)    Entering the identified Common lands into POB
       a)    to register land as common land and 
       b) to register community rights exercisable over land registered as common land.

4) Ensure protection of identified CPR lands

5) Communicate the list of identified lands to PD,DWMA

6) Constitute Land Management Committees consisting of VRO, VO & FA 

7)    Regular review and monitoring of the process of creation of database on commons & its entry into POB

8)Sharing the district database with RD department for implementation of CPR programme

9) Provide leadership for implementation of programmatic action plan for protection and conservation of CPRs in the district.

Hence it is requested to leadership to this programme, initiate early action in this regard and furnish the action taken to this office by 31-03-2013.
Yours faithfully,
   Sri Sashi Bhushan Kumar
    Director, RD

All the District Collectors in the state for information & necessary action
All the PDs, DRDA in the state for information & necessary action
All the PDs, DWMA in the state for information & necessary action



Thursday, February 7, 2013

Officials instructed to remove encroachments from ponds, kunds

TNN Jan 9, 2013, 01.33PM IST

VARANASI: Divisional commissioner, Chanchal Kumar Tiwari strictly instructed the officials for the removal of encroachments from ponds and kunds and other public places.

During the divisional review meeting on Monday, the commissioner said there should be no illegal encroachment on water bodies and public places and asked the officials to remove the identified encroachments on priority. He instructed the district magistrates to conduct drives for this purpose and take stern action against the illegal encroachers. He also directed them to ensure video and still photography before and after the removal of encroachments. He added that the physical verification of the removed encroachments should not be done by the officials below the ranks of SDM and CO.
Though the commissioner expressed his concern over the illegal encroachments on water bodies and asked for removal, it is a known fact that in Varanasi, the ponds and historical kunds are disappearing or facing the threat of land sharks. Even the city development plan prepared under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) reveals that the upcoming developments in the north and south of the city close to river Varuna and Asi are insensitive to the catchment area of the water bodies. The city also has several shallow ponds/ Kunds, some of which are of religious significance. However, most of these ponds are in a state of poor maintenance and face the threat of drying up or reclamation due to upcoming settlements in the periphery.

The Varanasi Municipal Corporation (VMC) conducted a survey in 2007 to check the status of ponds in the city. The survey revealed that there were 79 ponds and kunds in the records of VMC out of which 25 had been filled for some other use. However, another lot of 39 ponds are in other revenue records but missing from the records of VMC. Not only land sharks but the government departments were also responsible for the disappearance of water bodies. Even the Varanasi Development Authority (VDA) itself filled a pond in Kazzakpura to develop a residential colony, railway tracks were laid after filling the ponds in Ashapur and Baraipur. The Matakund pond in Lallapura was filled to construct a police out post. The water bodies in areas like Khajuri, Lalpur Anaula, Shivpur, Jaitpura and Lahartara met the same fate.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Also refer



I.A. NOS.19-21 OF 2012 IN CIVIL APPEAL NO.1132 OF 2011

JAGPAL SINGH & ORS. Appellant (s)


STATE OF PUNJAB & ORS. Respondent(s)

(With appln(s) for directions and office report)

Date: 04/12/2012 This Appeal was called on for hearing today.


For Appellant(s)/     Mr. G.E. Vahanvati, A.G.
Applicant in          Mr. Ajit Pudussery, AOR
IA 19-21/12           Mr. K. Vijayan, Adv.
                                                        Ms. Joanne Pudussery, Adv.
                                                        Mr. Dinesh Khurana, Adv.

                                                        Mr. J.P,. Singh, Adv.
                                                        Mr. R.C. Kaushik, AOR

For Respondent(s)
                                                         Mr. Prashant Bhushan, AOR

State of Assam        Ms. Vartika Sahay Walia, Adv.
                                                        M/s. Corporate Law Group

                                                        Mr. Krishnand Pandey, AOR

                                                        Mr. Sudarshan Singh Rawat, AOR

For Chhattisgarh      Mr. Aniruddha P. Mayee, AOR
                                                        Mr. Charudatta Mahindrakar, Adv.

                                                        Ms. Anitha Shenoy, AOR

                                                        Mr. Gunnam Venkateswara Rao, AOR

                                                        Mr. Sanjay Kharde, Adv.
                                                        Ms. Asha Gopalan Nair, AOR

For Haryana           Mr. Manjit Singh, AAG, Haryana
                                                       Mr. Tarjit Singh, Adv.
                                                       Mr. Kamal Mohan Gupta, AOR

For Uttarakhand       Dr. Abhishek Atrey, AOR
                                                       Mr. Brijesh Panchal, Adv.
                                                       Mr. Aishverya Shandilya, Adv.

                                                       Mr. C.D. Singh, AOR

For A.P.              Mr. G.N. Reddy, AOR
                                                       Mr. M. Rambabu, Adv.
                                                       Mr. S. Nagarajan, Adv.

For Manipur           Mr. Khwairakpam Nobin Singh, AOR
                                                       Mr. Th. Ibohal Singh, Adv.

                                                        Dr. Kailash Chand, AOR

                                                        Mr. Naresh K. Sharma, AOR

                                                        Mr. G. Prakash, AOR

                                                        Mr. Ajay Choudhary, AOR

                                                         Mr. M.T. George, AOR

For Arunachal         Mr. Anil Shrivastav, AOR
Pradesh               Mr. Rituraj Biswas, Adv.

                                                       Mr. Milind Kumar, AOR

                                                        Mr. Fateh Singh Chauhan, AOR

                                                        Mr. D.S. Mahra, AOR

                                                         Mr. Sanjay Parikh, Adv.
                                                         Ms. Mamta Saxena, Adv.
                                                         Ms. Bushra Parveen, Adv.
                                                          Mr. Pukhrambam Ramesh Kumar, AOR

                                                         Mr. Kunal Verma, AOR

                                                         Mr. Dipak Kumar Jena AOR,
                                                         Ms. Minakshi Ghosh Jena, Adv.
                                                         Mr. Nitesh Ranga, Adv.

                                                        Mr. Rajiv Nanda, AOR

                                                        Mr. B. Balaji, AOR

                                                        Ms. Hemantika Wahi, AOR

                                                        Ms. A. Subhashini, AOR

                                                        Mr. Abhijit Sengupta, AOR

                                                         Mr. Sunil Fernandes, AOR

                                                         Mr. Balaji Srinivasan, AOR

                                                         Mr. Mukesh Verma, Adv.
                                                         Mr. Pawan Shukla, Adv.
                                                         Mr. Yash Pal Dhingra, AOR

For Rajasthan         Dr. Manish Singhvi, AAG, Rajasthan
                                                        Mr. Amit Lubhaya, Adv.
                                                        Mr. Irshad Ahmad, AOR

For Kerala            Mr. Jogy Scaria, AOR
                                                        Mr. Kaushal Yadav, Adv.

                                                        Mr. Ashok Kumar Singh, AOR

                                                        Mr. Ritesh Khatri, AOR

                                                        Mr. S. Mahendran, AOR

UT of Puducherry      Mr. V.G. Pragasam, Adv.
                                                        Mr. S.J. Aristotle, Adv.
                                                        Mr. Prabu Ramasubramanian, Adv.

For U.P.              Mr. M.R. Shamshad, Adv.
                                                         Mr. Mukesh Verma, Adv.
                                                         Mr. Ahamad S. Azhar, Adv.
                                                         Mr. Shashank Singh, Adv.

For Haryana Nyay     Mr. Pardeep Kumar, Adv.

For Punjab            Mr. Jagjit Singh Chhabra, Adv.

UPON hearing counsel the Court made the following

Issue notice, returnable two weeks after the winter vacation.

Let notice be served, both in the usual course and also by way of Dasti service.

In the meantime, the directions given from the Collector’s Office, Chitnis Branch, Vadodara, Gujarat, by letter dated 18th November, 2011, which has been made Annexure A-6 to these interlocutory applications, shall remain stayed.

|(Chetan Kumar) | |(Juginder Kaur) |
|Court Master | |Assistant Registrar

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Encroachment’: Vadodara collector orders detailed survey of Jaspur land

Express news service: Jaspur, Sat Feb 02 2013, 03:40 hrs

After a survey by the District Inspector of Land Records (DIRL) of Vadodara prima facie found encroachment on government land allegedly by city-based builder Sanjiv alias Sanju Bharambe at Jaspur village in Padra taluka, the district collector has ordered a detailed survey of the place.

Government land has allegedly been encroached upon to
develop resorts on the bank of  Mahi in Padra taluka of the district.

A DIRL team had conducted a primary survey of Block No.1004 on Wednesday under the supervision of Vadodoara rural sub-divisional magistrate (SDM) J N Vaghela. In his report submitted to district collector Vinod Rao on Thursday, the SDM said that prima facie encroachment was found on around 20 acres of land on the bank of Mahi.
"Primarily, it is found that government land has been encroached upon by the development on plots of land," Vaghela told The Indian Express. Media reports have claimed that Bharambe has encroached upon around 20 acres of government land.
Following the findings, Rao ordered a detailed survey of land in Block No. 1004 and its surroundings on Thursday.
There are several plots of "agricultural" land under 13 survey numbers in Block No. 1004. During the primary survey, a riverside resort was found being developed on around two acres of land of survey numbers 1, 3 and 4. The possession holders of this land had reportedly told government officials that the development had been done by Bharambe.
Similarly, Chetan Sandesara of Sandesara Group, a city-based industrial group, had bought land of survey numbers 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. The Group is restoring a fort-like old structure to develop a farm house.
The collector has ordered confiscation of land bought by Sandesara.
While the primary survey was done to assess on-the-ground situation of the land, the detailed survey would focus on development on it.
The resort alleged to have been developed by Bharmabe has a shed for horses and buffaloes, a wooden hut and several hillocks with lawn. The surveyors would measure all this and the construction by Sandesara, a source said.
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