Wednesday, March 28, 2012

News Article : You decide the fate of your region – Dr. Joshi

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Bhilwara 24 March . Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways Dr. C.P. Joshi has said that we ourselves decide the fate of the region we live in.

Rajiv Gandhi's dreamt of developed villages, more rights for residents of villages and decentralization of the governance system but for this, the villagers also need to have awareness, along with the officials. Only then the development of villages is possible and Rajiv Gandhi's dream can be realized.” Union Minister Dr. C.P. Joshi was addressing a Shamlat Land workshop organized by Rural Development and Panchayati Raj Department at City Council townhall. He criticized officials and public representatives by saying that judiciary and government has banned the allocation of grazing land but the allotment is still taking place due to collusion of government employees. If this keeps on happening, action has to be taken against defaulters. As per NREGA, Panchayat can now take decision on its own on the development of grazing land; whether to plant trees, hold water or make walls around the land. He also said that Panchayat can also increase its income by getting these tasks done. Joshi said that Rajiv Gandhi dreamt of development and rights for Panchayats years ago, now we have to accomplish it. Any concessions taken regarding this will not be tolerated. Everyone has to contribute towards development of Panchayats, only then will it be possible to have the development of villages and people. Joshi advised district head and members of district council to understand their rights and make plans to aid the development of villages. Right now they are unaware of development and Shamlat related work. He also advised officials of district collector level that they have been alloting grazing lands till now but it should not be continued further. If this continues, then action can be taken against them as well. He called for joint efforts by people's representatives and district collector to make Bhilwara an ideal district. Joshi mentioned about scarcity of water in Bhilwara and questioned the work done till now under the drought relief program.

He said that every Panchayat can now spend crores of rupees and repeated that plans can be sent to the government through the District Collector. Along with the Chief Guest Dr. C.P. Joshi, District Incharge Naseem Akhtar and District Collector Omkar Singh also addressed the people.

The workshop was inaugurated by guests by lighting earthen lamp in front of a tree and putting a traditional veil on it. Many people's representatives including Former Minister Ramlal Jat, Former Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Devendra Singh, Chairman of the Trust Rampal Sharma, District Head Sushila Salvi, Anil Dangi and Chairman of Land Development Bank Chetan Didvania. The guests were welcomed by Mr. B.K. Sharma, Team Leader of Non Governmental Organization FES.

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