Friday, July 13, 2012

29,909 acres of land encroached in Mandya district

Mandya, Jul 12, 2012, DHNS:

Maddur taluk has witnessed highest encroachment

Land mafia is ruling the roost across the state and about 29,909 acres of government land that has been allegedly encroached in the district has come as a shocker for the residents of Mandya.

Among 1,44,273 acre of government land available in district, 32,718 acre is encroached.

The district administration has till now cleared just 2,808 acre. Government land worth crores is encroached by many and is cultivated on which authorities have turned a blind eye which is proved by the limping clearance works and no action against tresspassers is taken.

Maddur taluk has witnessed highest encroachment of 7,919 acre while the largest taluk Nagamangala has 362 acre of land encroached.

Gundu topu, school premises, graveyard, roads, ponds, land reserved for public purpose and even forest land has been encroached.

In Mandya taluk, 6,408 acre, 2,307 acre in Malavalli, 3,397 acre in Srirangapatna, 3,193 acre in Pandavapura and 6,321.14 acre in K R Pet is encroached.

For the reasons unknown the clearance work is going on slow. Not more than 10 or 15 acres of encroached land is cleared per month. Only 9.30 acre of land is cleared in May 2012 while there is no much progress in other taluks.

Task force to conserve government land formed in September 2009 led by former secretary V Balasubramanyan identified the land encroached and launched the clearance works.

Form 50-53
The authorities have received many forms of 50-53 to legalise 17,868.30 acre of land belonging to government which was cultivated illegally before 1998.

2980.25 acre in Mandya taluk, 5483.11 acre in Maddur, 426.03 acre in Malavalli, 2,942 acre in Srirangapatna, 141.02 acre in Nagamangala, 1944 acre in Pandavapura and 3,938.02 acre in K R Pet has to be dispatched under the form.

Land surveyors
Though posts for 100 land surveyors is sanctioned for district, only 76 is filled, who are forced to perform multi-task of handling record room, collection of documents, integrated mutation and others along with their part of work.

It is not only the lack of staff that is hindering the works but district also lacks total station equipment which measure the land accurately.

Officials say two equipment are borrowed to serve the purpose.

While another official says sufficient amount of money is not alloted for clearance works.

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