Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Guidelines for Implementation and Extending to other areas under Common Property Resources (CPR) – NREGA Project in AP


2nd Floor, Huda Hermitage Office Complex, Hill Fort Road, Saifabad, Hyderabad
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Sri Sashi Bhushan Kumar, I.A.S,
Director & CEO, SLNA
Rural Development Dept.,                       
A.P., Hyderabad.

All the Joint Collectors
22 Districts the state
(Except Hyderabad)

Rc.No : 26/CPR-NREGA/2011 dt  12-02-2013

Sub:  RD- SLNA – Common Property Resources (CPR) – NREGA Project in AP – Implementation and Extending to other areas – Issue of guidelines - Reg.

Ref:  1.Minutes of the meeting on scaling up of CPR – NREGA project on 14-12-12 at O/o CRD, Hyderabad.

2. Proceedings of the Conference of Joint Collectors at O/o CCLA on 05-02-2013
* * *
 Attention to the reference 2nd cited, where in the Principal Secretary, RD during the joint Collectors conference has explained the need for conservation & protection of Common Property Resources (CPRs) (known as commons) available in the state involving the community, NGOs and the note circulated in the Joint Collectors conference is herewith annexed for ready reference.

In this connection the Joint Collectors of 22 Districts(except Hyderabad) are requested to take the action on the following in coordination with PD, DRDA and PD, DWMA immediately.

1)    Identify common lands in every village and earmark them for protection and regeneration.

2)    Creation of Village wise, mandal wise , district wise database 

3)    Entering the identified Common lands into POB
       a)    to register land as common land and 
       b) to register community rights exercisable over land registered as common land.

4) Ensure protection of identified CPR lands

5) Communicate the list of identified lands to PD,DWMA

6) Constitute Land Management Committees consisting of VRO, VO & FA 

7)    Regular review and monitoring of the process of creation of database on commons & its entry into POB

8)Sharing the district database with RD department for implementation of CPR programme

9) Provide leadership for implementation of programmatic action plan for protection and conservation of CPRs in the district.

Hence it is requested to leadership to this programme, initiate early action in this regard and furnish the action taken to this office by 31-03-2013.
Yours faithfully,
   Sri Sashi Bhushan Kumar
    Director, RD

All the District Collectors in the state for information & necessary action
All the PDs, DRDA in the state for information & necessary action
All the PDs, DWMA in the state for information & necessary action



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