Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mobilisation of Community against allotment of grazing land for mining

Rajasthan Patrika

Summary :

The below news clipping highlights the efforts of the community from Dhuwala village of Bhilwara district in preventing Charagah (grazing) land situated in the village from being alloted for mining. The community has dedicated years of efforts in trying to save and restore this land previously classified as wasteland. The land in question along with other tracts of land were earlier wasteland which the community along with assistance from FES has spent large sums of money and efforts in successfully restoring the lands through afforestation. 

This area also has an abundance of granite stone which certain interested parties wish to exploit for mining and are therefore lobbying for the allotment of the land for the same.

The community also brought to light that the land mafia also for many years had its sights on the said land.

The Collector has assured the community that he shall inquire into the matter. 

(A detailed report on the same can be read in the news clipping inserted below.)  

Rajasthan Patrika - 23 Jan 2014

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