Thursday, August 27, 2015

Dept marks area for reserve forest, people unhappy

TNN| Aug 22, 01.46 AM IST

MADURAI: Villagers from Kottampatti union under Pallapati Union Panchayat complained that the forest department has marked the land, which they are using for cattle grazing.

They said the department marked 350 acres of land adjunct to Kottampatti under reserve forest.

The issue was raised during farmer's grievance meeting on Friday. District collector, L Subramanian was present at the meeting.

Around 2000 families live in Pudupatti, Kumarapatti and Pallapatti, Vellamalai patti and Sellambu Konpatti villages that fall under Kottampatti Union.

Since British era, the main livelihood of the villagers is taking care of cattle grazing.

The 350 acres of hilly areas in Kallapuru Kottu, Mamalai and Senganamalai are used by the villagers for cattle grazing. Already, the villagers raised the issue in July grievance meeting however, no action was taken.

The forest department planned to include the 350 acres of land of the union under the reserve forest. P Perialzabagan, villager from Sellambu Konpatti said, "The forest department  officials asked us to vacate the area as soon as possible."

The forest department officials assured that an enquiry will be conducted within their department. While the collector, strictly asked the Melur Taluk Tehsildar to inspect the hilly areas the grazing is conducted. "An inspection will be conducted by the concerned officials and a survey will be conducted in the areas," he said.

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