Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Demarcation of village common land: Panchayat department to re-install Burjis

The Indian Express|March 19, 2018|Mohali

THE RURAL Development and Panchayat department is finding it tough to identify shamlat land (village common land) in the villages as the Burjis (the stones which were installed to demark the land) are missing. The department is now going to find the Burjis and demarcate the shamlat land again. It was one of the reasons for illegal encroachment on government land, said officials.
The financial commissioner of the department Anurag Verma said the Burjis in villages were common properties and the department will use the panchayat funds to find and re-install the Burjis. He said many Burjis were misplaced or damaged due to which the department is finding it tough to identify the village common land in the state. “Many demarcation cases are pending for a long time. After finding these Burjis our department will demark the shamlat land in the villages, it will help us to get the illegal encroachments removed from the village common lands,” Verma added.
Verma further added that the Burjis are included in common properties so the panchayat funds will be used to find and re-install the Burjis . He added that all the deputy directors and district development and panchayat officers has been asked to utilise the funds available with panchayats for re-construction of these Burjis . Verma explained that when the land was demarcated, the government installed the Burjis which classify the village common lands and the private lands.

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