Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Govt. Responds: Rajasthan: Demarcation of any land recorded in the Revenue Records under the title of Common Land

This is a free-hand translation of the Original letter attached below:

Government of Rajasthan
 Department of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj
(Panchayati Raj)

No. F-139 (  ) Paravi/Vidhi/Charagah/11/1033             Jaipur, Dated-9-6-2011

In the compliance of the Supreme Court judgment under civil writ petition no. 1132/11 the issued orders are as follows:

1.      The demarcation of any land recorded in the revenue records under the title of common land viz. grazing lands, catchment area of the common ponds, playgrounds, lands allotted for fair, Ramlila and Circus etc. shall be completed under a special campaign till June 30.
2.      For the purpose of expansion of the settlement area, the area that has been allotted so far shall be demarcated.
3.      A part of the allotted land under settlement, shall be kept reserve of future housing demands of the weaker section’s under Poverty alleviation or National program.
4.      In 1975 and 1981 under the land allotment campaign, certain land was allotted for housing projects for labors, rural artisans, schedule castes/ schedule tribes to set apart the settlement area. While some Panchayats did not record these allotments, leading to which the revenue officers are allotting the same patch of land to other purposes resulting in the failure of the primary goal of land allotment. Hence under this campaign these allotments shall be recorded and handed over to the Panchayats.
5.      The Register of the land record under Panchayat’s Jurisdiction as given in Panchayat Raj Rule 137 shall be updated. Also the present status of the assets recorded shall be described.
6.      This register shall be read in the Gram Sabhas organized in the month of August and January.  In the meeting wherever the Gram Sabha feels necessary shall taken resolutions and send it  to the district collector along with a copy to the Tehsildar for necessary action. This will facilitate the updating of record by incorporating information pertaining to the encroachment or any other changes occurred during this period and the responsibility of the concerned shall be defined.
7.      Under Land Revenue Act article 91(6) the district collector shall issue orders in writing, entrusting the responsibility of preventing and removing the encroachment on land used for common purposes, with the Patwari, Sarpanch, Gramsevak, Tehsildar and Development officer.
8.      With the completion of procedures, the district collector shall prepare a plan of action for his/her district following the final observation.

                                                                                           Chief Secretary 

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