Friday, July 15, 2011

In Other Courts: High Court of Jharkhand - State Government is required to prepare an exhaustive Scheme for the entire State for removal of the encroachments

W.P. (PIL) No. 1076 OF 2011
Court on its own motion Versus State of Jharkhand & Others
CORAM                                                              HON’BLE THE CHIEF JUSTICE
                                                                            HON’BLE MR.JUSTICE D.N.PATEL

For the Appellant/Petitioner                                  Mr. I. Sinha, Amicus Curiae
For the Respondent-RRDA                                  Mr. A.K.Singh
For the Respodennt-State                                     Mr. R.R.Mishra, G.P
For the Respondent-RMC                                    M/s. R R. Nath, L.C.N. Shahdeo
For the Respondent-Chamber of Commerce         Mr.Pandey Neeraj Rai
For the Intervenors                                               Mr. M.K.Dey, Sr. Advocate
                                                                            Mr. Sohail Anwer, Snr. Advcate
For M/s Premsons                                                Ms. A.R. Choudhary

05/ 16.3.2011

All Intervention applications filed today are allowed.

In view of the large scale feeling of lawyers representing the parties that they need time for compliance of the orders of this Court, this case is posted on 25.3.2011.

By this time, the concerned lawyers are expressing the view that they will be in a position to file a detailed compliance reports in a chart form, wherein Column no. 1 would contain the gist of the order, Column no.2 would contain the action taken and in Column no.3 would contain the evaluation and follow-up action
taken by the authorities concerned.

The original file containing the orders in relation to the alleged encroachment by M/s Premsons has been submitted by the learned G.P. for perusal of the Court.

It is reported that the Chief Executive Officer of the Ranchi Municipal Corporation has proceeded on leave. He is suffering from an ailment of defect in eye-sight. This may take time to get over. Hence, alternative arrangement is required to be made. The State Government will take necessary steps to post an efficient officer in the Ranchi Municipal Corporation like a one they have posted in the R.R.D.A.

It has been brought to the notice of the Court by the Amicus Curiae, Mr. Indrajit Sinha, that under the orders of the Supreme Court, reported in the matter of Jagpal Singh Versus State of Punjab (2011 AIR SCW 990), the State Government is required to prepare an exhaustive Scheme for the entire State for removal of the encroachments.

The State should take appropriate steps to prepare such a Scheme and submit it to the Court on 1st of April, 2011.

(Bhagwati Prasad,C.J.)


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