Friday, April 27, 2012

News Article: “All encroachments should be removed”


Areas near water bodies must be declared as green zones”
All encroachments on lands under control of panchayat unions, town panchayats and village panchayats should be removed immediately. If the local bodies faced any problem in eviction, they should seek the help of the police and revenue officials. Encroachments on water bodies must be removed, according to Collector N. Venkatachalam.

He was presiding over a special meeting with heads of local bodies at Vadamadurai here on Thursday.

Prior date should be fixed and notices served on the removal of encroachments. All efforts should be taken to prevent creation of housing plots or construction activities near water bodies. If there were any habitations, they should be removed immediately.

House tax to such dwellings should not be fixed by local bodies. If they already fixed taxes, it should be cancelled.

Areas near water bodies and water sources should be declared as green zones. Ban on all construction activities in such areas should be imposed, he said.

Watersheds and existing water bodies are essential for village panchayats to improve the water table. More watershed areas should be developed and the existing ones be maintained by panchayats to keep the villages green. All supply channels and rural tanks should be maintained properly, he ordered.

The local bodies could utilise the general fund for streamlining drinking water supply. Prior permission from the Collector was essential for using the general fund for other purposes, the Collector said.

Green houses
A total 83 green houses were being constructed at Kanapadi, Paganatham, Thennampatti, P. Kosavapatti, Kulathur and Padiyur in Vadamadurai block. Of these, construction was over up to the roof stage in 32 houses, up to lintel in 18 houses, up to basement in 13 houses. All construction activities should be expedited and houses ready within a month.

Panchayat unions should take the responsibility in maintaining sanitary complexes. It could be maintained with private participation. The SHGs could be roped in for maintenance work, he said.

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