Tuesday, April 10, 2012

News Article: N R Pura Veerammaji lake crying for attention

Narasimharajapura, Mar 31, 2012, DHNS :

Serious concern is being expressed over dwindling number of lakes in the country. But those that remain are badly polluted.

The best example for this is historic Veerammaji lake, which is situated in the heart of Narasimharajapura town.

The Veerammaji lake popularly known as Irummajji kere was constructed during the reign of Keladi rulers by queen Chennammaji and Veerammaji.

The lake is spread across 13 acre land. It was known for water throughout the year. In fact, the Keladi rulers had built seven wells in N R Pura for drinking water purpose. Only few wells are in good condition now.

The documents say that Sugappa mutt was built by Guru Shanthappa. The town situated on the eastern side of the lake was called Veerammaji pete. Unfortunately, indiscriminate dumping of solid waste and discharge of sewage into the Veerammaji Lake continues unchecked, thus polluting the water body.

The lake remains neglected with garbage strewn in the water spread area and along the bund. People found it easy to pollute the waterbody as there was no fencing along the lake, says citizens.

It is said that the lake is filled with silt and the land has been encroached.

When the issue of pollution of the lake was brought to the notice of Town Panchayat member Sukumar, he said “we will issue warnings to those who dump waste into the lake. We have already filed a complaint with the police.

The budget has earmarked funds for cleaning the lake, constructing fence around the area and promoting boating in the region.”

Town Panchayat Chief Officer Shankarappa said “we have sought permission from the government to carry out survey of Veerammaji lake, Nadigara lake, and a lake situated behind the police station.”

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